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APRIL 2021.

Hi there! Hope everyone is staying safe and following the rules? Like every other band in the UK we're off the road and doing 'home' stuff. I have a couple of new projects in the making but we video'd our last gig at TOOLAN'S BAR in North Finchley, March 2020, with a coupla camera's, and have a song for anyone who would like to hear us during this time of peculiarity on You tube. PRESS HERE! Please take great care and use that common sense and well hopefully see you sooner rather than later. All the very best and Rock On! .

Here's a cool pic I took of Grant back in December 2019.

Generally how I feel after a gig these days.

On holiday until the next gig. Some members may be seen busking near you. See you there.

Was good to hook up with pub landlord JOHN LEE in Mexborough recently. Big thanks to Duncan Mangham for capturing the moment. Rock on, John.

A photograph of RED HERRING with Chris Evans at THE CHEQUERS in Marlow last night, the 11th May 2018. It was a great gig and nice to meet him after the show.


Here's a new video made at THE DASHWOOD ARMS, Piddington, West Wycombe in April 2018. PRESS!

Here's another video made at THE DASHWOOD ARMS, Piddington, West Wycombe in April 2018. PRESS!

A new book title 'COLD'. Hope you like it. It's available from here.

While I was at it I thought I may as well hike this one up as well entitled A TRIP TO THE COAST. Hope you like it. It's available from here.

I've had a new book published entitled THE CHANDELIER BEAT. It connects with the first two tracks on the BLUES STATION ZEBRA cd I just released. It's available from here.

New IBH cd BLUES STATION ZEBRA available as an mp3 download from here.

A photograph taken by Pete Sutton at The Dashwood Arms Festival, 15th July 2017.

A photograph of STEVE CORBETT (Dr Hackenbush/Fandango Brothers) and STEVE FIRTH (Mulesweat/Vamp) at a VAMP gig in Chesterfield on Saturday the 24th Sept 2016. Was good to catch up again with these old guitar sparring pals from South Yorkshire.

A photograph of us with Grant Evelyn, formerly of Hot Chocolate, who came up and sang 'GRAPEVINE' with us at the FOX and HOUNDS in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes last night the 1st of July 2016. Grant and I played a lot of gigs together in the 90's.

We're looking at doing a lot more Blues nights this year. See above for details.


Live in West Wycombe 2017.

SUMMER 2014.

My song ALIEN TO MY EAR, from the NOUVEAU NOIR:HARDBACQUE cd, is now on the FACE THE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS acoustic compilation LP released at the Elthorne Park, Ealing Festival on the 21st of June. The song features Howard Evans on drums.

1st March 2013

I did a gig playing some best of IBH with George De Canha on drums and Chris Nash on Bass at a folk/blues club in Johannesburg.

Into The Blue

Maybe Go Dancing

Halloween Masks

5th November 2012.

Part 2 of the NOUVEAU NOIR trilogy is now available at iTUNES and at most mp3 download sites.

27th Sept 2012.

An unknown video of HEARFIELD-BLUES surfaced recently thanks to Johnnie Howman. It's an early live version of the song DEAD MAN'S SUIT, from the first NOUVEAU NOIR cd, being played at The Sailor in Hitchin in 2011. With Howard Evans on Drums and Dave Samuel on Bass.

The first NOUVEAU NOIR cd is available from most mp3 sites or from iTunes

All videos are now under the Iain Hearfield channel on YouTube.

There's a filmed recording of HEARFIELD-BLUES playing 'What's Goin On' from the 'RED' cd on YouTube.

The second cd, RED, is available to download at CdBaby and most mp3 sites.

The first cd, I Found It In Howard's Garage, is available to download at CdBaby and most mp3 sites.

There are 2 soundscapes from the NOUVEAU NOIR:SOUNDTRAQUE part 3 project on You Tube. Escape to ... and HOHOKAM

If you want to get in touch then contact me at Iain Hearfield

Hope to see you somewhere along the road.

Watch this space for updates